Cellophane (glass noodles) – crisis dish

There are many items in my list of products that should be stocked in a crisis, but I would add one more – fnuchoza. Who does not know what cellophane is the so – called glass noodles. It is not made of rice as many people believe. It is made from green bean starch. In the East, they are called mung, but for me it is a simple ordinary mash. It is slightly more expensive than soy and peas, but it is not an expensive curiosity.
Why I included funchoza in the crisis kit? There are several reasons for this. First, it is a long-term storage product. Second, it's quite nutritious. Cellophane high in calories (carbohydrates)- 85% a solid of carbohydrates, cellophane easy to prepare. There are two options-pour boiling water and let stand, or cook for a minute. I've tried both. Therefore, it is a great alternative to Doshirak and other instant noodles.
Another reason that funchoza should be included in the crisis management set – this is the taste. I like it better than wheat noodles. And plus the diet should always be varied.
The piece is very dry and gains volume well when moisture is added. For money, a very profitable product.
At the local market are cellophane prepared as in Russia and China, and in Korea and in Vietnam. The taste doesn't differ much.
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