Vodka from the coronavirus helps, but not in all cases

In the face of a spreading infection called coronavirus, many are looking for ways to protect themselves. In the course are formal medications, folk remedies, and other ways of dealing with the virus. Many people are interested in whether vodka helps with coronavirus. Let's turn to various sources.

Recommendations of the world health organization (who)

The Who website contains answers to frequently asked questions about coronaviruses.
I quote first about antibiotics
"Antibiotics do not work on viruses, they are only active against bacterial infections. COVID-19 disease is viral in nature, so antibiotics are ineffective. Do not use antibiotics to prevent or treat COVID‑19. Their use is allowed only when prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of bacterial infection.»
Moreover, there are currently no recommended medications designed to prevent or treat infection caused by the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

What should we do then? Where to beg, than to be saved?

It is necessary to act in several directions. Improve immunity. Garlic, healthy lifestyle, sauna, sports will help you. Various tinctures, herb collections. By the way now fee "Chronostop" boosting the immune system, is composed of 21 herbs. For more information, follow the link.
Periodically, there are reports that a particular drug demonstrates effectiveness. One of them is "Plakvenil" - a prescription antimalarial drug that fights symptoms. Even Donald trump mentioned it on Twitter.
But we are interested in a specific question: does vodka help with coronavirus? Yes. Helps. But not always. Let's see in what cases.
Experimentally, it was found that vodka and alcohol-containing liquids with a strength of more than 30 degrees destroy the coronavirus, but as an antiseptic, if you wipe the surface, hands, and so on.
But with the use of vodka inside is more difficult. As well as alcohol in General. Light alcoholic beverages like wine do not help. An example is Italy and Spain with a culture of wine consumption, where the count of deaths from coronavirus is already in the thousands. But strong drinks can really help, but only as a disinfection at a particular moment. They kill the virus, but the problem is that it is impossible to constantly drink strong alcohol. Yes, this is fraught with a decrease in immunity and as a result, the weakened body will get a blow from the coronavirus and the risk of disease will be even greater.
I will emphasize once again vodka as well as other strong alcoholic beverages kill the virus, but do not treat it in any way, just like garlic. Take care of yourself, my dears.
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